eDeepak Presents crypto mining essential things, here we need following things

A. Mining Software List you need for cryptocurrency mining
1. Wallets - Here you can store your cryptocurrency that you hold or mined. also there are decentralized wallets available here you want need to remember phrases and keyword for wallet recovery. Examples: Binance, WazriX, ZebPay, CoinBase, UnoCoin, CoinSwitch, CoinDCX, TrustWallet so on...
2. Exchanges - Binance, Poloniex, Gate.IO, so on.. Exchanges are used for selling, buying, trading and staking Crypto. Some exchanges offer bonuses for signing up with our affiliate link.
3. Mining OS - mining operating used to tune core clocks memory clocks voltage, wattage, so that we use mining hardware most efficiently. OS examples: Windows, HiveOS, SMos, RaveOs, so on...
4. Mining Softwares - Phoenix Miner, T-Rex Miner, NBminer, lolminer, Team Red Miner, Gminer, Bminer, so on...
5. Select Mining Pool (Ethermine, Nanopool, Crazypool,)and then select mining server (ASIA, US, EU,) base on your location

B. Mining Hardware LIST
GPU MINING - you can buy GPU/CPU  Mining Hardware online or in local computer stores. Sometimes they might be out-of-stock but keep an eye on the list!
check on AMAZON, FlipKart like websites

ASIC MINING - you can buy ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Mining Hardware online or in local computer stores. Sometimes they might be out-of-stock but keep an eye on the list!
check on ASIC related websites

HOTSPOT MINER - you can buy Hotspot Miners for Helium and other Hotspot IOT Device oriented projects. Example - HELIUM hotspot SP Na, HELIUM hotspot BobCat, HELIUM hotspot RAK, MatchX M2 PRO

C. What are the coins you can mined using these hardware:
Ethereum Ether ETH, Raven coin RVN, Doge coin, Ergo, FiroPow, Flux, Ethereum Classic ETC, Vertcoin, Bitcoin BTC, UBIC, Monaro, SiaCoin, LIBRY LBC, so on...

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There is a profit is approximated and are very volatile depends on crypto market. Crypto mining is subjected to market risk please do research before investing in mining rig and invest at your own risk. We does not claim or guarantee any profit.

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